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10 Surprising Facts about Race Discrimination in the Workplace

Mexican author, Don Miguel Ruiz said “Let’s stop believing that our differences make us superior or inferior to one another.” I, as a New York City employment discrimination attorney aim to live my own work and personal life by respectfully adhering to those words; however there are many workers and employers who choose not to. … Read more »

4 Mistakes For the Victims of Sexual-Orientation Discrimination to Avoid

On Friday June 26, the White House lit up an array of colors reflecting red, yellow, blue, green and other vibrant hues.  The rainbow of colors was used to commemorate the Supreme Court’s ruling to legalize same-sex marriage across the nation. Reactions of joy included those who broke into smiles; and others crying tears of… Read more »

Poll Results: Sexual Harassment and Unequal Pay Major Concern for New York Women – But Not for Male CEOs

New York – According to a recent poll by Siena College Research Institute, the majority of working women in Upstate New York find unequal wages and sex harassment in the workplace to be a major problem. However, our New York City sexual harassment lawyers at the Derek T. Smith Law Group have learned that male… Read more »

I Worked in the Real-Life ‘Wolf of Wall Street,’ Alleged NYC Sexual Harassment Victim Claims

New York City – Even in this day and age, some workplaces are still the same old “boys’ club.” It looks like that’s the case for Philippa Okoye, the wife of San Francisco 49ers defensive tackle Lawrence Okoye, who filed a lawsuit in Manhattan court for gender discrimination and sexual harassment against her former employer. In… Read more »

Isiah Thomas’s Past NYC Sexual Harassment Lawsuit A Major Concern for WNBA’s Liberty Basketball Team

New York City Sexual Harassment Lawyers – Back in 2007, a jury awarded Madison Square Garden executive Anucha Browne Sanders $11.6 million in damage stemming from a New York City sexual harassment and wrongful termination lawsuit. A jury found that Sanders had been sexually harassed by then-New York Knicks coach and NBA Detriot Pistons Basketball great… Read more »

Sexual Harassment Know the Line

New York York Sexual Harassment Attorneys “How are you today?” is a great to hear at the start the day but once  they add the “Sexy” to the end of that they may have just crossed the line into sexual harassment. Sometimes it that slight, but many times sexual harassment is anything but slight and… Read more »

Three NYC Sexual Harassment Myths Debunked By HR Personnel

One of the most common reasons women don’t come forward with complaints of sexual harassment is lack of understanding. Many women simply don’t know whether what they are experiencing is unwanted flirting or if it warrants contacting a New York City sexual harassment attorneys. Eva Del Rio is expert on the ins and outs of… Read more »

Shocking Claims Against Doctors at Neurological Surgery PC In Long Island

Recent data suggests that sexual harassment in the healthcare industry is becoming increasingly commonplace. At the very least, the reporting rates have increased dramatically. Our New York sexual harassment attorneys are seeing significantly more claims of workplace harassment in the medical field than in past years. In an appalling piece of employment law news, a… Read more »

Reporting Sexual Harassment in New York: The Value of Speaking Up

All too often the decision to report a workplace violation and seek the help of a New York City sexual harassment attorney is fraught with fear and shame. Too many women in the workplace are silently accepting unacceptable behavior out of fear of retaliation and public shaming. As a result, sexual harassment in the workplace… Read more »

Do I Have a Sexual Harassment Case in New York City?

More than 3,602,600 people are employed in the private sector in New York City. While the job market continues to pick up across NYC, so do reports of employment law violations. Our lawyers consult with potential workplace sexual harassment victims every day, learning the details of their claims. Our attorneys’ aim is to help those… Read more »

Alleged New York City Sexual Harassment Victim Set to Take Psych Evaluation

After publishing her erotic novel, attorney Deidre Clark alleged she suffered sexual harassment and discrimination from her employers at the prominent law firm Allen & Overy. Clark is claiming emotional distress as part of her New York City lawsuit – and her ex-employers have ordered a psychological evaluation of Clark to disprove the claims. Clark… Read more »

What Constitutes Discrimination During a Job Interview?

One of the most common ways that employment discrimination lawsuits arise is by discrimination that happens within the setting of a job interview. There are certain questions or types of treatment that you might encounter during an interview that could be considered discriminatory. First, be on the lookout for discriminatory questions during an interview. Any types of… Read more »

Effects of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) is a federal law that makes it illegal for employers to discriminate against workers or job candidates based on their age. The act applies to anyone who is at least 40 years of age and to all employers that run companies with at least 20 employees. While individual… Read more »

Issues of Religious Discrimination in the Workplace

Religious discrimination is specifically prohibited by federal law and is covered under a variety of federal statutes. However, what does and does not constitute discrimination can occasionally be confusing. So what types of situations are employers required to approach tactfully and abide by religious discrimination laws? In just about every situation, federal law prohibits employers from making… Read more »

Studies on Gender Discrimination Reveal Bias Still Exists in the Workplace

While many people would likely agree that the United States has come a long way in terms of gender discrimination in the workplace, several studies still indicate that a bias still exists that must be overcome. Some experts wonder whether making people aware of that bias will make a difference in helping to combat it…. Read more »

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