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Rally to End Sexual Harassment on NYC Streets

If you live in the New York City area and have ride the subways, Staten Island Ferry or walked by most construction sites know how prevalent street harassment is in the Big Apple. Well, several anti-harassment groups held a rally last Saturday, April 11th to raise awareness about sexual harassment in public areas. Through music,… Read more »

Elite California DA Unit Faces Shocking Sexual Harassment Allegations

New York City Employment Law Blog | New York City Sexual Harassment Attorneys Los Angeles, California, – The Los Angeles County DA’s office has been hit with a series of shocking sexual harassment allegations. The department has issued a number of statements regarding the matter and the supervising prosecutor in question has been reassigned to… Read more »

New York Employment Attorney Derek T. Smith To Represent Former Reporter Kenneth Lombardi in Sexual Harassment Lawsuit against CBS and Former Bosses

New York City – Kenneth Lombardi, a former video producer at CBS, is suing the network giant for sexual harassment in Manhattan Federal Court. Top NYC sexual harassment attorney Derek Smith is representing Lombardi in this disturbing case. According to court record, Albert “Chip” Colley, who directs the popular and award-winning “CBS Evening News w/… Read more »

Reporting Sexual Harassment in New York: The Value of Speaking Up

All too often the decision to report a workplace violation and seek the help of a New York City sexual harassment attorney is fraught with fear and shame. Too many women in the workplace are silently accepting unacceptable behavior out of fear of retaliation and public shaming. As a result, sexual harassment in the workplace… Read more »

Tips for Preserving Your Legal Claim of Sexual Harassment

The steps you take after you experience sexual harassment in the workplace can affect your legal claim. Protect yourself from further discrimination and preserve your rights by: Being clear about rejecting sexual advances — One of the key elements in a sexual harassment claim is that advances are unwelcome. Ambiguity about your disapproval of the… Read more »

Filing a Sexual Harassment Lawsuit in New York City – When You’re Not the Target of Harassment

The New York Employment Law Blog When you normally think of sexual harassment, you usually don’t think of the bystanders. While most of the New York, New Jersey or Pennsylvania cases our sexual harassment attorneys handle involves the direct targets of employment sexual harassment, assault, or discrimination, we want you to know that there are… Read more »

NYPD Officer Collects $110,000 in Sexual Harassment Suit

The New York City Employment Law Blog | New York City Sexual Harassment Attorneys NEW YORK CITY, N.Y. – Jazmia Inserillo the NYPD officer who file a sexual harassment suit against her lieutenant is collecting $110,000 from New York City as part a a settlement agreement reach this month. NYPD lieutenant Jason Margolis, who retaliated… Read more »

Do I Have a Sexual Harassment Case in New York City?

More than 3,602,600 people are employed in the private sector in New York City. While the job market continues to pick up across NYC, so do reports of employment law violations. Our lawyers consult with potential workplace sexual harassment victims every day, learning the details of their claims. Our attorneys’ aim is to help those… Read more »

Alleged New York City Sexual Harassment Victim Set to Take Psych Evaluation

After publishing her erotic novel, attorney Deidre Clark alleged she suffered sexual harassment and discrimination from her employers at the prominent law firm Allen & Overy. Clark is claiming emotional distress as part of her New York City lawsuit – and her ex-employers have ordered a psychological evaluation of Clark to disprove the claims. Clark… Read more »

Harvard University Bans Relationships Between Professors and Students in Effort to Reduce Sexual Harassment Complaints

As the Obama administration investigated dozens of cases of sexual assault at various colleges across the country, Harvard University adopted a ban on romantic relationships between professors and undergraduate students. Many educational institutions, including New York City’s Columbia University, have come under fire in the past year amidst accusations of mishandling claims involving campus sexual… Read more »

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